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Improving zpool import time

Created: 04 Mar 2011 • Updated: 28 Mar 2011 | 3 comments
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Due to many tailed disks on our cluster environment, the zpool import can consume a lot of time. Since we created a seperate directory for each zone and linked the concerned block devices from /dev/vx/dmp to this directory, we were able to start a zpool with "zpool import -d /dev/. That decreases the import time enormously as shown below.

14:57:04:root:gf01sxdb102t:/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Zpool > time zpool import bais2t_msc real 4m10.956s user 0m0.311s sys 0m12.495s 15:04:56:root:gf01sxdb102t:/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Zpool > zpool export bais2t_msc

15:05:04:root:gf01sxdb102t:/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Zpool > time zpool import -d /dev/gf0zsxdb110t/ bais2t_msc real 0m0.811s user 0m0.031s sys 0m0.469s

Could you please add a "import -d" - like Option to the zpool - ressource - type and the start script of the VCS Agent? Resource type definition: type Zpool ( static str ArgList[] = { PoolName, AltRootPath, ChkZFSMounts, ZoneResName, "ZoneResName:State" } str PoolName str AltRootPath boolean ChkZFSMounts = 1 str ZoneResName ) Thanks!

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This feature will be available in upcoming SF/HA VCS 6.0 release (CQ4 2011)

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Please think about the alternative directory and how the administrator should manage the links in the directory. There should be a mechanism to be sure, that the directoy and the links to the dmp devices are correct on all nodes.

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Anyhow, when providing pools to zones, it sould be done like

use zonecfg :
add fs
set type=zfs
set special=<zpool>/<mountpoint>
set dir=<mountpoint within the zone>

Other wiese problerms might occur, for example when trying to use liveupgrade...

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