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Improvements to Backup Exec License Assessment Tool

Created: 12 Nov 2012
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When using the BELAT tool to scan a number of computers, there are some issues which make the scanning far more time consuming than it needs to be:

- There is no function too import a list of servers to scan. Each server must be added manually. With more than 200 BE servers, this is quite time consuming. Using the feature for searching AD for servers is not an option, as we have >100K computer objects in our AD, and even limiting to servers only, there are more than 3000 servers where we only want to scan approx 300 of them (we already have the list of servers).

- When computers have been added, any computer that cannot be contacted will be deleted from the list. This means if it is temporarily unavailable, it must be added again. This is a particularly annoying feature as any server must then be manually added again when it is available. This would not be an issue if it was possible to import lists of servers (as requested in the first bullet point).

- When the scanner finds multi license keys, it will stop and ask how many licenses are assigned to the computer being scanned. This means one need to be interactive with the scanning all the time. In our environment, the scan can take a full day (large WAN). It would be useful if the scan can be run "quiet", so that it does not ask questions during the scan. This would reduce the usability of the report, but users with multi license keys are most likely to count the total number of licenses required than to actively assigning licenses to each server. The important numbers for us, at least, is the total number of licenses required.

This request is complementary to a request for a CLI version of BELAT (separately entered idea).

If given a choice, I would prefer to have a CLI version of BELAT. If this cannot be made available, the above requests are a pretty good second option.