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Improve PST Import Report

Created: 20 Sep 2013 • Updated: 05 Nov 2013 | 1 comment
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Sometimes when items are ingested via PST, the resulting report can leave out clues as to what happened/happens:

Number of folders processed: 14
Number of items archived to vault: 27 of 31
    - Number of items not eligible for archiving because of PST Migration Policy setting: 4
Number of items moved to mailbox:  9 of 9
    - Number of archived items moved to mailbox: 5
    - Number of other items moved to mailbox: 4

For example in the above, the PST file won't be correctly post-processed (if delete is the post processing operation) because there are still items left in the PST file.

My idea is to make it crystal clear at the end that there are still Y items in the PST file.  Even better, it could additionally say that the file won't be deleted, if delete is the post-processing action.

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Hi Rob - Thanks for the suggestion. We have made some considerable enhancements to the PST migration capabilities in Enterprise Vault. One of these changes in the upcoming EV 11 release is the ability to surface a column in the VAC which shows the failure text (should a PST migration fa ill for any reason). This will allow administrators to quickly group PST's by similar failure reasons and then quickly understand why the failed so that they can be re-mediated. 

While this does not directly provide the information you want above, it does at least provide a better idea of common failures and also the ability to quickly identify why a PST failed migration.

I'll log the additional steps you outline above as an additional enhancement request.

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