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ideal way to provide Symantec customer the best assesment of thier backup environment

Created: 26 Aug 2013
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As you know that not all backup projects completed or ended with customer satisfaction because of varuios reasosns from symantec support or the service provider or the customer his self. this may occur through environment assesment ,  implementation or post implementation and so on,which is affecting symantec and our reputation in backup solution and the companies who did the implementation and configurations .

my concern or suggestion is :

If we can share here some general critiria ,reports , sizing tools sizing templates from symantec experience or guys who faced such problems with site survey or site assessment where all can use it for studying any environment prior implementation which will help us getting the best results and satisfation our customer's needs to protect thier datacentre with Symantec backup solution.

one question more: what is the best way to study the customer site for symantec managed services? important

I believe that  NetBackup_70_71_Tuning_guide is good reference for tuning the backup .

Thanks and hope that we can support each others to get 100% success