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Handling SQL databases during incremental backups

Created: 11 Sep 2013 • Updated: 13 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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Actually users have to create two job-policies per SQL installation. One for databases in "simple" mode (only full backups) and one for "full" mode databases (full and incremental backups).

If you choose to backup all databases with only full backups, BE warns you to run incremental backups to truncate the log files, if you try to backup all databases with full/incremental policies, you get the error messages, that the "simple" databases do not support log file backups.

Therefore my question:

Why not ask the admin, how to handle "simple" mode databases during incremental backups. You could give the two options:
- Skip simple mode databses
- Failover to full backup when detecting a simple mode database during an incremental backup

This would make things much easier, especially because many admins have only few or even no know-how regarding SQL.

All the best from Germany,

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I vaguely recall one post by a Symantec senior person that one of the features in the next release is the automatic handling of simple recovery mode databases.

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Agree that it should be special option for this case. But i think that BE should show some warning messagies, because if you plan to perform incremental backup, then you expect that it take much less time that full backup, so you as Backup Admin can not correctly calculate time for next backup of other systems.

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May be I lack the right bias, but shouldn't you define what flavour of SQL-DB you are talking about?

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