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Full Copy Backup Option

Created: 01 Nov 2012
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We have used BE for many years here @ the school district I work for. We have upgraded to 2012 and have come to notice there is one backup option missing. It's the Full Backup Copy Option that used to be in BE. We used this in our backup strategy by doing weekly full backups on the weekend and incremental backups during the week to disk. We would use the Full Backup Copy Option to do a weekly tape backup for each server we have during the week and weekends. This worked perfect for us in several ways. The live data is here at our Technology Building. The disk backups are located at one of high schools. The tape backups are located at one of our elementary schools and the tapes are sent off site every 2 weeks. This worked for us in any DR situation plus if one of the media for the backups became corrupt or unusable we always had a fall back to the other backup media. Is there any consideration at Symantec to put the Full Backup Copy option back in BE any time soon? I'm reading in the forums that there are many BE users that would like to have this option back.