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Created: 21 Feb 2012 • Updated: 19 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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We discussed with several Enterprise Vault FSA customers usability and requirements. It seems a lot of requirements could be fulfilled with a FSA client and usability could be improved.

  • user archiving
  • DoD issues with orphaned shotcuts could be solve
  • Display of a thumbnail preview could be achieved (thumbnail DB in each directory read by FSA Client)
  • FSA Utility functions could be included
  • Many issues with shortcust could be resolved
  • ....

Additionally a positive aspect for Symantec would be that EV gets more visibility. Maybe seamless integration is in generally favoured over visibility. I would agree upon this for EV for Exchange and EV for Sharepoint. However, for file system a FSA client could really have great added value and improve usability. Windows Explorer not the perfect file manager. Maybe Symantec could re-use some Norton Commander code as a basis wink



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Thanks for the ideas here. One of the advantages of FSA has been that it does not require any client side software. Saying that, an FSA Client could offer many advantages and you have called some of them out here. I am loggin this in to our requirements database, but would appreciate if you could expand on the DoD and shortcut issues that you mention. This could be a consideratioin for a future release.


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One of our partners now has a client for end-user archiving for FSA. Please check out:

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An option for displaying thumbnails of archived files is described here:

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