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Forensic logging ?

Created: 07 Nov 2013
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Sometimes when your troubleshooting this one client that will not backup correctly you end up searching through log files with endless inputs not relevant for your specific client. Perhaps you miss something because you don't realy know where to look. Also, there are times when logs on the client, not the masterserver or even mediaserver, are relevant but you don't have acces to that client using your own credentials. I would like to have a option in the client properties called "Forensic logging" or whatever. When you enable this feature, a folder with the clients name is created on the masterservers log directory, like \Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\nogoodsrv. If you then start a manual backup of the client nogoodsrv, ALL relevant log information regarding this job is saved to this folder, maintaining the logs folder structure with bpkar, bpbrm etc. A higher verbose level should be default. When the job fails you have a more condensed log screening to attend to and you know that the answer is somewhere in that folder.

/Per Holmgren

English is not my native language, Swedish by default, does my input make any sense ?