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Filter search result with documents

Created: 02 May 2014 | 1 comment
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for the lawyer is often the document count interesting and not only the item counts.

So when you have 100 keywords-searches in one query you can filter for each of them in the filter search result. But there are only items displayes. So to get the count of documents you have to run each individually query to retrieve the documents count and by 1 Million documents or 1,2 million items it takes a long time.

So I am looking for some like this: 

At the moment under the topic search filter results:

By Keyword Query:

  • By (price w/ reduction) (7,704 items)

But I need something like this:

By (price w/ reduction) ( xxxx documents) 

Thanks, Kai

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I think this exists in the latest release. It's a toggle at the top of the filters menu. It's right next to the name, you can switch to documents for counts.

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