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EVSVR Functionality

Created: 01 Dec 2011 • Updated: 02 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi All

I have been meaning to write this email for a while now ,I would like to get the opinions of other partners and Symantec people on these forums.

This email is about some of the frustrating experiences around EVSVR .  EVSVR is useful and can help but my issue is around the following component of EVSVR

·         Repair : DeleteSurplusReferences

  •     This is a common usage of EVSVR . A customer has archived items that are no longer on the storage device but references do exist in SQL
  •     The fact that these items don’t exist on the storage anymore cause all kinds of issues ,like Move Archive failures and failures to delete the archive from the VAC

Recently I have had 2 customers that have been asked by Symantec support to run EVSVR with the Repair : DeleteSurplusReferences to fix the fact that data is missing. These were both mature EV customers that have  been running EV for about 6 years . The result being they have TB of data associated with the various Vault Stores . The logistical issues with running with EVSVR to resolve this are

  • ·         The EV services have to be in Backup Mode for the Repair  ,EVSVR can take weeks or months to run . You cannot expect a customer to not archive for that long .
  • ·         The EVSVR window has to be open  . So if during that time period someone accidently logs off the session during the mandatory Verify phase of EVSVR  it has to start again with the whole Verify process . Symantec Support does ask for the Verify to complete so this is necessary ,as there may be other issues that aren’t apparent.

What would be a huge improvement for the Repair : DeleteSurplusReferences is to be able to just select certain Archives for the repair. At the moment EVSVR runs through the whole Vault Store ,I was told by Symantec Support this is necessary but my question is why ?

If other EV components ,like Delete , can build a list of Save Sets associated with an Archive why can’t EVSVR do the same with items associated with an archive that has inconsistent items.

I would like to hear other peoples view on their EVSVR experiences   ,I may be missing something about how I am using it so any opinions would be appreciated .

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Hi Symantec EV people :)

Any comments on my post ?

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I'd like to hear if more customers/partners feel an enhancement to target a specific archive is an important use case to solve.

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yes i think so

Andy Becker | Authorized Consultant | Trace3 | Veritas National Partner |

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Andy  - Absolutely. If there is a reliable way to restore one archive back without bringing everything else with it then you suddenly have an alternative to an entire site restore when vault store group sharing has been enabled.



Jeff Shotton

Principal Consultant

Adept-tec Ltd

Website: here

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Bruce Crankshaw2's picture

Hi Andy

I am glad this idea is being discussed. Please let us know what is the outcome from a possible technical change perspective to the way EVSVR currently works. This is still an issue for several of my customers

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