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EV inbox display on outlook enhancement

Created: 30 Oct 2011 • Updated: 22 Nov 2011 | 1 comment
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Status: Implemented

Request to improve the appearance of vaulted email messages on the main screen or reading pane of Outlook (so that double clicking is not required to view correctly). Most of the archived emails does not show the full message. You still have to double-click the email message to view it completely.

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You can do this already, by changing your Shortcut Content policy. Normally people trim the shortcut down, and only include a small part of the body.

That's good, in that the shortcut is now very small - and that is part of the reason that companies take up the usage of Enterprise Vault.

However, it does make reading/viewing those emails 'more difficult' in that the bit that you want to see might be several paragraphs in to the mail.

You can adjust that by including more 'body'.. or you can opt to change the policy to 'use message body'.

The 'problem' then though is that the shortcut is now no smaller than the original, so if you have mailbox quotas you're still going to breach them.

It's a fine line.

But.. maybe I've misunderstood.. do you have (or can you) show what you have now, and a mock up of what you suggest?

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