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Error in WebUI on NB5220 Appliance

Created: 27 Sep 2013
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Currently when I go to the webUI on my NB5220 and click the Manage tab it shows a couple of pie chargs with the Devices and Partitions with their allocated space and underneath those diagrams there are numbers listed for the partititions with their allocated size and total available/used.

The totals under the Available column are incorrect.  If I go and look at my disk storage unit in Netbackup or I log into the device and run the crcontrol --dsstat command (provided to me by technical support when I opened a case about this issue) I see the actual amount of available disk.

The free space listing was basically the only thing that we used in the WebUI on the 5220.  All of the other information is pretty much useless to an end-user of the device (I'm sure it would be used by a technician trying to resolve a problem though).

If Symantec wants this UI to actually be used by people that purchase the device this is one way to make it more useful.  Make sure the numbers displayed in there actually reflect the reality of the environment.