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Enterprise Vault - Store ID Environment Variable

Created: 15 Jan 2010 • Updated: 24 May 2011 | 2 comments
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Status: Implemented

Enabling certain Vault Cache functions via Group Policy (i.e. OVEnabled) is made more difficult by the fact that if the registry already exists under \Client\<Store Id>\ then you can't change the setting by adding the key under \Client\ because it already exists under \Client\<Store Id>\. 

A solution to this would be if the development team could set an environment variable in Windows to the Store Id.  I don't know how you would approach this, but I have seen the Id in the hidden mailbox mesage under IPM.EnterpriseVault.OfflineVault:, under the Store Id entry. 

By passing this entry to an environment variable it would make it possible to be referenced by logon scripts and ADM templates. 

IF anyone knows how to do this now, it would save me alot of grief ;-)  Send me a PM if you know how...

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This is essentially alreday possible with the key Vault Cache/Virtual Vault registry values from EV 9.0 or later.We did not implement an environmental variable however we widened the location for EV to detect these values. Check out this technote for more information:

In summary you can now use common HKLM and HKCU registry locations to set Vault Cache and Virtual Vault values.

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