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Enterprise Vault EVSVR Tool

Created: 22 Apr 2013
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I recently had the urgent need to rebuild the index on my Journal Vault EV Mailbox as it kept failing, I also had migration to secondary storage setup to tape. I was in the aweful position to take over some one elses implementation of EV and the tapes for files migrated via migration were lost. This left me with the need to use the EVSVR tool. With regards to seeing the progress of EVSVR there isn't a way to tell how far through its running at as no progess/status indicator is visible, I had to type start and just wait anxiously. I could run Dtrace EVSVR but it don't run through chronologically so that wont help much. So In essence a status bar for progress when the EVSRV tool is running would be much appreciated as this is an enterprise product and timelines need to be relayed to keep management in check.