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Enterprise Vault - Automating Disconnected Archive Deletions

Created: 23 Jul 2013
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Hello All

This idea is based on discussion from forum mentioned below:

Basically, most of us know that we can use series of SQL queries to determine disconnected or un-used archives. We can also use SQL queries to determine if archive is on legal hold or is under move process etc. In end we can run another set of queries to flip the archive deletion bit & restart storage service to delete archives in bulk.

However, given that it is feasible to do so manually, I would guess that it should be feasible to build it within native code itself such that enterprise vault cleans up disconnected archive automatically after pre-configured period (probably at site level) similar to how exchange cleans up disconnected mailboxes from database.

I come to understand that there's a third party tool which is recently built for same purpose. Not sure if there are more than one (please correct me if Oracle partner supports it already). But if enterprise vault builds it natively within it's design, it'll make administration easier for lot of organizations.

Please let us know if further details are required in this direction. Kindly ignore if someone has already posted this idea in past.

Thank You !