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Enterprise Vault automatic service start with a status window displaying progress after upgrade.

Created: 14 Apr 2012 • Updated: 23 May 2012 | 2 comments
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When you perform an Enterprise Vault upgrade you are required to manually start the directory service first wait for the schema update to take place, then start the stoarge service wait for it to complete its upgrade process and only then start the rest of the EV services. All of this process can be automated providing a better installation user experience.

Suggestion example:

The installer can continue post upgrade (or after the system has restarted if required) then present a dialog that suggests that an upgrade is still in progress, within the dialog you could display details like

Stage 1 – Starting the directory service (Admin service) ….”

Completed or a tick mark, then move to Stage 2

Stage 2 – Starting the Storage service….”

Completed or a tick mark, then move to Stage 3

Stage 3 – Starting the all other services….”

Completed or a tick mark

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Thanks Danel,

I wonder if a dialog is really needed or if the upgrade workflow just needs a new approach.

How many customers have more than one EV server and are required to visit each one during an upgrade?

I'd be interested to find out what ideas people have on improving EV's upgrade experience.

Consider things like, LiveUpdate, Centralized upgrade (all run from one console), Roll-back, binary rollout & database schema updates...


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Thanks Andy.

I feel the workflow for an upgrade needs to be thought about as that will provide a enhanced upgrade experience, like the install process has GSW but something similar not available when you are performing an upgrade. I feel the product should limit manual intervention to minimal. An installer with a right hand pane showing the flow of the process would be nice as then the there is an indication as to which stage you are in the whole process also an small indicative tick mark when the process completes and moves to the next one would be nice. (I have attached a Exchange 2010 install screen for an idea)

Example stages or sections like:

Setting the product in Backup Mode

Running Deployment scanner

Stopping Services

Backing up required areas for rollback to the current working version

Starting Upgrade

Status Completed (Starting Services) or Failed (Rollback)

Choice Clear from Backup mode Yes/No.

Post Upgrade procedures link (Outlook clients, FSA Agents etc.)



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