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Enhanced Fiber Channel Support for PureDisk-Based MSDP Backup Configurations

Created: 13 Mar 2013
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It appears that as of Netbackup Enterprise version, Backups between a Fiber Channel (FC) SAN based client and a FC/SAN based media or master server utilizing MSDP and a PureDisk FC based LUN - all on the same SAN -  still send backup traffic over the LAN.  The only configuration options to force this traffic over the SAN are:

1. Set up SAN Client with Fiber Transport:  This configuration requires additional  FC HBAs in the client and the MSDP server dedicated to the backup traffic and only the backup traffic.  Additional zoning is required that actually zones the MSDP/Puredisk server as a target device.

2. Configure a SAN Media Server: Requires configuring a netbackup media server with the PureDisk pool attached directly to it as well as the FC LUNs that you want to back up presented over the SAN to this same server.  This configuration can only back up itself.

Barring an architectual limitation in Fiber Channel based SANs or Netbackup itself, it seems a configuration option where backup traffic routes itself over the regular FC connections between devices on a SAN would be preferable to either of the options above unless extremely high bandwidth operations were mandated.

Both options 1 and 2 would seem to manifest their own unique scalability, cost and overall logistical issues in most implementations.  Enhanced native support of PureDisk in SAN environments  would seem to be a very marketable option for netbackup in general.

ref: Symantec case 03519354

Intended for the enhancements/ideas sections of the Netbackup forums.  My apologies if it somehow got into a wider release than that.