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Email notifications when jobs complete (particulary processing jobs)

Created: 29 Jun 2012 | 2 comments
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It would be good if Clearwell could tell me when jobs complete, this would be particulary useful for processing and export jobs in cases where time is critical.  For instance I might have set a processing job off that is going to process 50-100Gb of data. 

This may take sometime but if Clearwell could email me once its completed (and potentially as each stage completes) I can update the business/legal teams and also as soon as the data is available people can review rather than waiting for me to routinely check.  In the day (and night) other work can often distract resulting in me checking only each hour or less which in turn could result in an hour or two time wasted that could have been spent reviewing.

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What sort of information would you be interested in seeing in an email notification?  

I.e. Case name, name of Processing Batch, name of export batch, message describing completion, etc.

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I'd think the name of the batch (perhaps the email alert would only be available if you specify a batch name, see attachment) so something like this:


Subject: Batch: 001_Initial_Processing COMPLETED (hostname.local)


Hi <first name>,

The following processing batch completed running on appliance <clearwell hostname>:


With the following statistics:

<include table of standard statistics>


However, really its just the notification that the batch has completed, the statistics information is just a nice to have.

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