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DOR (Delete On Recall) vs SQL Crawler - Enterprise Vault FSA

Created: 22 Sep 2011 • Updated: 19 Mar 2012 | 2 comments
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One of the things I loved about Enterprise Vault FSA was that it was a versatile tool that could be used for Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). Sadly the DOR feature was taken away which has left us with an obsolete product for our purposes. Since this feature had the potential to cause data loss and it was too difficult to find a savvy workaround (assumption) I would like to propose an idea that is likely in the back of everyone's mind.

If the Symantec team could come up with a tool for those of us who cannot use storage expiry that can crawl the SQL database and do a comparison of what is in the archive and if the item has a placeholder I think many customers would be VERY happy. We have several TB of data just sitting in the archive that users are unaware of and need to be removed. If a tool cannot be produced that does some type of back-end file removal then we will have to migrate to a new product. This would obviously be a nightmare but necessary since our archive is in a continually growing and extremely inefficient state.

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We have heard the request for a cleanup tool in the past. It could be a pretty dangerous tool to put out there and could cause unintentional data loss. EV knows about the volumes and folders that are under our control. But working placeholders could exist in other places:

- file servers that were active targets but are not now
- placeholders that have been restored from a backup to a volume outside of active EV management
- a folder or volume that has been replicated away from the active archive target

If placeholders were to exist in these locations, but not in the location that we originally archived from or have under management, we could be deleting files in the archive and leaving you with working placeholders which will end up being orphaned - the unintentional data loss.

We removed the DoR functionality as there was the risk of data loss associated with it. Introducing this tool would add another data loss risk back in. We want to do everything possible to protect your data. This tool is not something we have plans to produce in the short term. I'm not ruling out the possibility of Symantec delivering this, but it is something with considerable risk associated with it. I have heard talk of a partner tool to do this, but do not know whether it actually exists or not.

While not perfect, if you have the right permissions, files can be deleted from within Archive Explorer.

Another option if space allowed is to recall placeholders on an archive point by archive point basis. Ensure all placeholders are recalled, then blow away the original archive. Re-introduce archiving and only content which was recalled would be re-archived.


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