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Differential & Incremental Backup Restoration in Symantec Backup Exec 2012

Created: 21 Jun 2013 | 1 comment
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In Backup Exec 2010 we do a full backup on one tape and differential or incremental on different tape, when we needs to restore data from differential or incremental it will ask only for those tapes on which Differential or Incremental backup happen, But in backup exec 2012 its asking for all the tapes of that backup associated & due to this it very difficult to us to restore the data, becuase we always moves the Full backup tapes from Tape library to another safe location.

So in Backup Exec 2012 also should have feature like backup exec 2010 to restore differntial or incremental backup data from tape without asking for full backup tape.

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I agree...

i understand the file icons are different, but the job is still linked to the full.  We move full media off site for disaster recovery purposes - obviously.

It is very frustrating to have many days of daily media useless on site and have to incur costs to recall off site media do a restore of data that has been written and is stored on media on site.

please review this and change accordingly

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