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In Depth Job Reports

Created: 05 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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When a job runs, allow the option to create an "in depth" log file, listing all the stages of the requested operations.

For example, when a backup runs, it lists how long the job was Queued for, how long the pre processing took, how long the actually backup of data took, and how long the verify took if requested, etc....

This would be extremly useful in planning when to run backups both at present, allowing time for each job to finish (I dont find "test run" is the same), and when required to expand the number of backups required. It will also assist in the fault finding process when working out why a job failed.

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The joblog does give you the timing for the backup and verify phases.  It does not break down backup into pre-processing and the actual backup.  The difference between the start of the job and the start of the backup is the queuing time.

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I am aware the job log give the backup time and verify phase. It even tells you how much data was backed up when a job fails. However, i want a bit more in depth detail for my backups such as :

1) How long the job was queued for - May help indicate and error moutning media or somthing

2) How long the job was post processing for - will help me tweak my backup schedule to account for that phase in future. One particular job was processing for 4 hours and i inly knew this because i wasthced it all day to see what a job actually entails.

i believe the above 2 points are included in the time zone you mentioned above, between the job start and backup start. I want this broken down into seperate stages, not lumped together.

I want as much detail as possible. And preferably all on one screen/tab if possible.

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I don't see that fitting onto 1 screen to be honest, considering the amount of data that a job log can actually hold.

It would be better to just get a new report created that addresses "back-end type" functions like you mentioned.


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