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Created: 25 Jul 2012 • Updated: 14 Nov 2014 | 4 comments
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In the eDisclosure industry using SQL is a common way of interfacing with tools. Clearwell uses an SQL backend that currently only support engineers can access. In some situations it can be helpful to identify what Clearwell is storing on the database. My suggestion would be to keep the read/write access that support engineers have access to currently and add a support feature in the systems tab for read only access to the database.

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I disagree.  The way to solve this would be through API access if at all.

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I agree with kunshige, a well designed and documented API would definitely be the way to go on this. Not all information is in the MySQL, it can be contained in indexes too - for this reason it'd be better (in my opinion) to tie it all together in an API.

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I think we need access to the database. An API is a good tool to have but that adds a learning curve for some. Where you have to learn the API calls and syntaxes. Whereas since Clearwell is using MySQL and people with SQL knowledge can easily dive in.

API will still have restrictions, which could hinder certain tasks or reports. Not to mention it will rely on the logic built by Symantec engineers. If I can access the SQL I may have a different logic to get results in a productive/efficient manner.

I'd rather have access to the database than just replying on the API. Although I have requested for an API as well knowing Symantec is keeping it really tight.


Mahmood Mir
Sr. Technical Consultant

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This is a long standing request.  As others have pointed out, the eDiscovery Platform does not simply have data stored in the database in an easily consumable format.  The system is a little more complex than some others that are a front end to a DB.  The support engineers typically use the DB utilities to fix issues, not for reporting or other purposes.

It would be great if the business requirements you are trying to achieve are noted, so we can then determine if this can be achieved via access to the DB, API or other means.

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