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Collection Sets - How to Identify the sources?

Created: 08 Apr 2014 • Updated: 14 Nov 2014 | 3 comments
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Here's the scenario. We ran 6 collections using a source called "MS-EXCH". Now I am in the process of creating "Collection Sets" and on the left hand side, I see SIX "MS-EXCH" as source.

How do I identify which collection is which? Because I see six "MS-EXCH" and I don't see my "Description" that I typed in while creating the collection.

Please add the Description to list, so that we can properly identify the collections.

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Hello Ajay,

I know exactly what you're referring to here. This is a big pain for one of my customers in particular who run a great amount of EV Collection Tasks and are unable to tell the difference between Tasks when creating Collection Sets. What's worse, is when they've got Tasks that are the same size.

As a result, I created an Idea for this issue and I invite you to up vote it to get some attention. This issue is also in an Enhancement report with our Engineers.

While I don't have a workaround to identify the Tasks, other than suggesting to navigate back and forth between Tasks and Sets pages, I can unofficially suggest that you could utilize two sessions from different browsers without issue.

I hope that helps.

Best Regards, James Harris
Business Critical Engineer Veritas eDiscovery Platform
Business Critical Services
Veritas Technologies LLC

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Thanks for confirming the same. I was going nuts on this issue. I have Voted UP on the link you provided.



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We will be adding a 'Name' field to Collection Tasks in the near future. And in addition, we are working on a solution that allows a 'Collection Task' to be sent directly to Processing upon completion. 

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