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CLI for Backup Exec License Assessment tool

Created: 12 Nov 2012
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With a high number of servers in a WAN environment, it currently may take several days to complete a license assesment for our environment using the BELAT tool. Rather than having to use a GUI to run it, it would be much more convenint with a CLI interface to the utility. It will then be possible to automate the assesment, meaning we can run it on schedules and improve the license compliance.

Running in a CLI would of course prevent one from entering how many licenses each server has allocated, but simply getting the number of licenses needed for the server to be compliant would be a huge benefit, as we do our license purchases centrally.

It is also vital that a CLI tool can be run without requiring entering credentials, just using the rights of the procerss running the utility. This will eliminate the need to store passwords in the scripts.