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Clearwell Logging

Created: 02 Apr 2012 • Updated: 02 Apr 2012
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In the recent past we were asked by a customer to determine which user has printed documents. On this subject we already had a webex with some clearwell engineers and we identified that there is not possible to identify all print jobs because if someone deletes the print job in the Pickup window all data on the clearwell appliance will be removed.

If someone selects a document and print it out, we could catch the docIDs if we’ll install a proxy server which catches the post parameters (where the docIDs are listed). But if someone prints the whole search result and deletes the print job in the pickup window we have no idea which documents were printed out.

It is very important for us that every action which was done on the clearwell appliance will be tracked. To ensure this we’ve two different improvement requests in order to improve the analysis possibilities:

  1. Is it possible to delete only the pdf-files and leave the *.xml and *.txt of every print job on the appliance if someone deletes his print job within the pickup window? This will enable us to analys every print job.
  2. The server logfile shows the session id of every session if someone closes his session. If the server crashes or as long the user is loged in, we’ll not identify his actions because the session id is not listed in the server log. Is it possible to write down the session id also if some creates a session, e.g. when some logs on the machine.
  3. Furthermore is it possible to format the logfile a little bit different in order to facilitate the logfile analysis (e.g. use separator between the different parts of the logfile)

Regards Peter Kleebauer