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Clearwell ideas - See Case #: 121010-34889

Created: 10 Oct 2012
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1.            Improved privilege log capabilities.  We are currently using the report feature to help generate a privilege log after all of the docs have been tagged for privilege or redaction.  Currently, the report automatically generates an excel spreadsheet with a column for every folder plus every tag plus another column for reviewer comments for each tag....that's a bunch of columns that I don't need or want.  We would like the ability to pick which folders/tags are generated with that report.  Curiously, the one column that is not automatically generated is the Bates Stamp (Production Number stamp) column.  Clearwell definitely needs to add a Production Number (bates stamp) column to this report.  THIS IS PROBABLY MY #1 REQUEST

Otherwise, we have to manually go back to research the production number for each DOCID.  Very manual process.  Also, the same document may be produced out of the same Clearwell case for two different reasons....therefore the same document may have two different bates numbers.  For instance, there may be a civil lawsuit with a parallel criminal case wherein the same document is being used/batesed twice.  The report needs to show every bates number/production number for a single DocId. 

 2.            Ability to select a bunch of docs and bulk print them into INDIVIDUAL PDFs.   Alternatively, bulk print and create a zipped file containing individual PDFs.

 3.            Need to show Bates stamp on priv log

 4.            Ability to search for multiple production numbers in a single search by production number OR ability to show the production number (if there is one) in the regular view  (all docs/non-production folder view)  THIS IS PROBABLY MY #2 REQUEST.

 5.            Be able to show more than 100 docs at a time. Understandably each page may take longer to load but better than having to stop every 5 minutes while the next page loads.  I'd rather wait just one time for the next page to load.

 6.            Show DOCID in every view.  You have to be in the partial view (third option) before you can even see the DOCID

 7.            Customize the display columns.  For instance, I may want to see the size of an email and the Production No. in every view.

 8.            Like "ID:", have a "PROD:" search from the main screen to quickly retrieve a document by bates number.

 9.          Major flaw that you can not create a tag or folder AS you are reviewing the review mode.   In a previous Clearwell verison, if you left review to add a tag, you would return back to the same place/document. In the latest Clearwell version, you have to start again. 

 10.          If you are using the advanced search with multiple keywords (Any), you can not delete the first keyword.  You can delete any of the other keywords, but not the first. My IT guy said it would work if you just leave it blank but it's still confusing when you first run into this problem.

 11.          Option to remove extra loading "Similar items" feature and "related discussions" when in review mode if you want to just pull up the production copy of a document.  It literally took over 4 minutes to pull up the production view of a document because the "similar items" feature was still loading/spinning.  I just simply wanted to see what the actual produced image looked like (to see if it was the copy of a certain discussion I was looking for) and didn't care at all about locating similar items or related discussions at the time.   Our IT guy said that this would drastically improve when we moved the case to faster servers but it still took over 40 seconds to load on the faster servers.....probably since we've got something like 2.5Millions docs in this case.   THIS IS PROBABLY OUR #3 REQUEST. 

 12.          Improve OCR functionality for paper documents loaded into Clearwell.  Likewise, ability to add a document description type fields that can moved to platforms like CaseMap.

 13.          Interface with CaseMap....Send to CaseMap feature which is very common with other discovery platforms.  Want the Bates number to be transferable to CaseMap.  Also, when sending a document to CaseMap, recognize attachments and send those too.  In addition to CaseMap, other similar type platforms like Lexis's FactCheck (?).

 14.          Way to run a report of documents that shows DocId and Production number and if redacted for the mail as well as email attachments.

 15.          When printing, need to way to bulk print the Production Image version of the documents.  We're currently having to print these one at a time.

 16.          When printing, need an option to "Print Unredacted version".... Preferably with some kind of watermark indicating that this is an unredacted version so it doesn't get mistakenly used.  We use unredacted versions during deposition prep to help our witnesses recall conversations etc.   Right now, I have to print these separately, then stamp them or run them through a copier to add a watermark like "UNREDACTED COPY - DO NOT DISCLOSE"....then manually match up the unredacted version with the redacted version.  Clearwell should have this option.

 17.          Ability to customize what tags are open when tagging.  For instance, I'm now reviewing docs and tagging which ones I need to print for a certain depo.  It would save me time if I could tell Clearwell to close/minimize/un-expand the other tag options in the view and just expand the tags I'm currently working with.