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Capability to import searches between appliances

Created: 02 Jan 2013
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At present it is possible (with assistance from support using something called the 'Saved Search Importer' tool) to copy a shared search from one case to another.  However this is only possible for cases on the same appliance.

I would like the ability to effectively export a search definition, and then be able to import this into another case (either on the same appliance or on a different appliance).  The use cases for this are:

  1. Where there is a requirement to run 'the same searches you ran on that other case'.  At present this involves time consuming and error prone manual task
  2. Where we have some 'standard' searches (for example perhaps internal fraud cases we may have some standard searches we always run against the case).  Again at present this is manual and error prone.
  3. Finally in the situation where external consul may alway be running Clearwell and we could simply export them the search definitions so that they are running exactly the same searches that we are.