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Capability to delete loads from Clearwell

Created: 27 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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At times, may be injested that we find needs to be removed from the case for different reasons.   In the Clearwell world once loaded it has to remain.  Is there any thought on providing  a delete key to remove unwanted data..

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Hi HGCarroll,
Yes this has been discussed with Clearwell for over four years but no change in site.
However, there are a couple of work arounds for this issue:
(1.) Have a current backup of the case prior to loading data and restore to the backup as long as no work has been performed by a reviewer/user; (2.) Restrict or "hide" the data that was loaded at a specific time but the drawback is that any tags or folders created after a case is restricted will need to be manually unrestricted from the case.

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I agree with HGCarroll that this would be helpful IF used with the right controls.  There have been several times that I loaded a dataset only to realize that it was broken or needed to be replaced.  I can see that backup and restore could work if, as Danielle notes, no other work has been done in the meantime but that has never yet been the case for me.  No usable work was done on the bad dataset but there was always something in another source that either needed to be kept or manually recreated. 

Hiding the data could reduce reviewer-confusion but doesn't solve the real problem that I have bad data chewing up space and consuming Gb under my license restrictions.

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Agree.  This would be a nice feature.

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