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Bring Back Tape Names

Created: 29 Aug 2013 | 1 comment's picture
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I just moved to BE2112 from 2010 and I have to say, WOW. Nothing like trial by fire in the IS world. Like everything else in the IT world, eventually I’ll get use to the interface, which for now I hate. That being said you really need to correct a big flaw in the 2012 product! You took away the tape names I put a lot of thought into.  the tape names gave me the ability to easily fine a tape to get to the data I need. Now when I need to run a restore all i see is dates with no tape names in the selection list. You have made a routine task very cumbersome.  In my list I have about 50 dates I now need to sift through to find the tape I need to restore from.  Do you understand how difficult and time consuming a simple restore is now?  What makes it worse is I use GRT on my VMs and when I go into a server to setup a restore job there's two jobs for each day (see Attached) so the only thing i can go by is the times those jobs started.   this is because on a few of my VMs I run two jobs a night.  I run a hyper-v job with GRT, and I also run a standard job on the folder structure of that VM for quick restores because the snapshots would take to long to restore.  You need to bring back the tape names in BE2012.  You are making my restore jobs very hard and time consuming.

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I think my Attachment didn't work the first time.

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