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BEMCLI should support Backup Set information

Created: 28 Aug 2012 | 2 comments
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There should be the capability within BEMCLI to do the following for ALL Backup Sets:

1) Get, Delete, Edit (reset Expiration Date, change Media Set) Backup Sets

2) Identify the Server Name, Backup Name, File Name, Size, Date Created, Expiration Date, Media Set, Storage Device for Backup Sets

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Sorry but the whole DLM for disk-based storage is garbage with this version.  No matter what I do I cannot get Backup Exec to delete old backup sets.  every so often my disk maxes out and I have to go in and manually delete these sets and deal with the constant "unable to delete {0}" message that means absolutely nothing.  Get ready for a bunch of loyal BE customers to jump ship and go elsewhere...

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BEMCLI should support media server backup sets on the CASO.

situation: 1 CASO - 5 Media Servers (MS)
CASO see the disk storage for each MS
From the CASO I can see the BACKUP SETS for the MS disk storage
2 problems
    1 - the GUI window can not be sorted.
    2 - BEMCLI has no option to search this particular media type. (that I have found).
I would like to be able to use BEMCLI/POWERSHELL to search for a particular BACKUP SET from the CASO on a connected MS - disk storage.
I would also like to pipe this information out to a duplicate job so that it can be sent to a locally hosted tape drive/library.

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