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Backup Exec 2012 Problems and Reccommended improvements

Created: 09 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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I've recently done a new deployment of Backup Exec 2012 having previously worked with 2010 and other backup solutions I've found backup exec 2012 to be extremely limiting and frustrating to use.  Here are some of the issues and reccomemnded changes i found.  Id appreciate any responses to see if you're already planning to release a new update such as 2012 R2.

1. Allow concurrent VM backups.  At the moment, cant backup more than 1 VMs at a time from same Virtual Center Server.   -
Other Backup products let you do 10 at a time
This slows down backups doing one at a time
If you try to schedule 2 VM jobs at same time the smantec backup job in VMware fails or says “An error occurred while quiescing the virtual machine”

2. Recommended system requirements needs updating to 8GB RAM or more for larger deployments.   Perhaps use a table with number of servers being backed up and reccomended RAM.
Currently it says to use 512MB RAM above OS's recommendations or 2GB above for best performance.  In our deployment with Windows 2008 R2 we wanted best performance so went 2GB above microsofts OS recommendation of 2GB but 4GB proved to be not enough the server consumed all 4GB of RAM plus 4GB of page file and on the second night of jobs running the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Service crashed casing all our jobs to fail.

3. Grouped jobs are not the same as running one job with multiple servers!  Add functionality to create a job that backs up multiple servers like 2010 did.
This caused problems for us backing up servers that need to run a stop and start script before and after the job.  There is no way to do this in 2012 except for creating a grouped job.  On the grouped job it makes 3 mini jobs each running the same stop start script so when the first mini job finished it runs the start script even though the whole group hasnt finished!

4. Fix Tape library buttons as they don’t work with the Quantum Scalar i40
Unlock button doesn’t work at all
Import slots button actually exported all the tapes

5. Allow SDR to be turned off or give an option for Global Exclusions to apply to SDR jobs.
Global Exclusions don’t work if simplified disaster recovery is turned on. 

When backing up using the windows agent it automatically sets SDR on, there’s no way to turn off simplified disaster recovery except for manually excluding any file /  directory.  So this defeats the purpose of setting global exclusions

6. Allow Grouped jobs don’t let you specify inclusions exclusions.  Forces SDR to be turned on

7. Make it so that when a your backing up multiple VMs under a Virtual Center server and a single VM fails it doesnt report the whole job as failed with 0% complete!  Let it generate a % of successful VM's backed up
Some companys have to meet backup SLA targets and its very hard to do if the reporting is incorrect!
Also the logging of which VM failed is currently terrible and doesnt show which VM failed.  You have to manually look through the XML file to find the error.

8. Fix the known error in this page:
Backup job fails with credentials error even when Logon Account has correct permissions
This affected some of our backups intermittently where the backup couldnt authenticate even though the backup account was a local admin on each server.

9. Allow to set VMware GRT options on individual VMs not whole job
Ideally you would be able to have multiple VMware jobs running at the same time and seperate GRT VM backups into their own job but since you cant run 2 VM backups at the same time perhaps you should include the option to enable GRT on individual VMs. 


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See this for the list of improvemtns in BE 2012 R2

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