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Backup Exec 2012 issues

Created: 16 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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I am very disappointed on how much this product has changed from version 2010.  This product takes you back to the last Millenium with its functionality.  As far as the way it looks, it looks pretty good, goes along with all the other trendy stuff out there.   Seems like they spent all of their money on this product to enhance to looks.  Take the home page for example, lets fill that page up with alot of useless information.  My issues are not with the Glamorous home page though,  I want functionality.

Here are my functionality issues with the product:
1.  Now in 2012 you have to back up servers individually and only way to get multiple servers on one tape is to create a new job and append that tape.  Last time I had to do this was 1998.  So in version 2010 I have 12 backup jobs, point to 12 different tape slots.  Now I have to have 70 jobs pointing to 12 different tape slots.  what a time saver.....
2.  Cannot copy a individual or multiple selection sets to another job.  For example you have 5 of the same jobs and want to remove some files from the backup, you have to go through each backup job and manually remove each deselection.  Prior you could just copy a selection set from another backup and be done.  30 seconds.
3.  In 2010, a feature was added to schedule erase jobs which was a huge benefit to erasing tapes that had an extended retention time.  So you didnt have to pick and choose your tapes per slot in your library.  In 2012 they took this feature out.  They just added it in 2010 version??
4.   Why do I have to back up my entire Exchange Information store.  I dont want to and didn't have to in the previous 2010 version.   And why do I have to stage my entire information store each time I restore only a few emails.
5.   I used to be able to see my Inventory jobs and my erase jobs all in my Job monitor in 2010,  now I can't.   you make it difficult to see if my queued jobs are still running.
6.   Another issue is that if I have a backup running, Backup exec used to lock my tape library so you cannot open the device.   This is necessary because if you have multiple people removing or adding a tape to a slot there would not be any conflicts during a backup or restore process.

Oh and my favorite part about finding out the issues above would not work as the previous version,   The Tech support technician said you will get used to it.  And you know what is funny,  I will have to.

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You don't have to erase a tape to reuse it. Just move it to the scratch media set and it can be overwritten immediately

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There is a learning curve with this version as compared to version 2010.

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