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Automaticly start Full backup when Incremental is scheduled and no previous Full is present

Created: 22 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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It would nice if the scheduler would check wheiter a Full backup is present before it starts an Incremental backup.

If not so, wouldn't it be even nicer that BE start a Full, so in the end you actually have a backup instead of no backup at all.

Data Protector does it for a 100 years now, so why can't BE do it ?

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In BE 2012, you cannot do an incr/diff backup without doing a full backup.

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That's the point.

Why can't it automaticallly start a Full.

I used to do a lot of Data Protector and somehow HP managed to fit this feature a 100 years ago into the software.

For example:

I backup an SQL server in a Full + Incr way. Now some wiseguy DB operator decides to also schedule some DB backups with it's own software. The next time BE wants do Inrc, it fails because the logs are cleared. Why does it fail, when it can also do a Full backup instead ?

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