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Allow for removable UNC path devices

Created: 17 Apr 2013 | 1 comment
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After working symantec for sometime on this it was determined that Backup Exec does not support disk drives as UNC paths if those disks are removable.  

Our Backup Exec server is a VMware virtual server.  virtual USB is not reliable for direct connecting disks to the backup exec server.  We have a physical windows server setup to act has the network host for USB removable drives.  This way the USB connection is stable to the drive.  These USB drives on the host server have windows shares and the backup exec server has these USB disks setup as disk storage with the path to them being the UNC path.  

The backups work fine and we successfully duplicate our data to these network hosted USB disks.  The issue is that after a day or so backup exec "forgets" what backup sets are on the disk.  The next time the disk needs to be used in the backup cycle a Inventory/Catalog job has to be run.  The catalog job finds the backup sets on the disk, but applies an incorrectly calculated expiration to the backup set such that the backup sets have to be manually removed from the disk before the backup job runs otherwise backup exec will not automatically recycle the existing data.

I was told by symantec that this issue is due to the UNC path device not being "statically" online.  I think this shouldn't be to hard of an issue to fix.  It seems there are two issues going on here that could be resolved.

1. Fix the reason why backup exec "forgets" what backup sets are on a UNC path disk after the UNC disk is offline.

2. Fix the backup set expiration calculation during cataloging.  

As a side note, the catalog correctly assigns the expiration for exchange backup sets, but incorrectly assigns it for file backup sets.

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CraigV's picture I guess the question to ask is why don't you just use the physical server as the backup server? External drives are dirt cheap, and you can backup to 1 before duplicating to another. You're also going to be supported solution-wise by having a physical media server!


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