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Add option to view all job history for a specific job from the job history list

Created: 10 Oct 2012
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When viewing the job history list for a specific server or for all jobs I would like the ability to right click the job and select "View All Job History".  I know this is available elsewhere but it would be more convenient to get it from here. 

I review the Job History for All Servers first thing every morning.  Some jobs rerun automatically if there is a failure some don't based on the nature of the job.  As I scroll down through the job history list of the 225+ jobs that ran over the last 24 hours and I see a failure, I could just right click the job history entry and select All Job History and see all of the history for that job.  This would show me whether the job was submitted to run later and I don't need to rerun it now.  i.e. job fails at 2am.  Job gets resubmitted and runs again at 7am to completion.  I find the failed job history entry at 2am, right click on it, choose All Job History and see the list of every time that job has run.  I can then see that it was resubmitted and ran to completion.  Or maybe it didn't get resubmitted and I need to.