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Ability to Select Native Filetypes for Export

Created: 22 May 2012 • Updated: 14 Nov 2014 | 4 comments
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Exporting Production from CW V70 offers only a checkbox to "Include native files".  This all-or-none option is insufficient for production standards that require only a few types of files be produced in native format.  Rather than a checkbox, please give us the option to select from a list the types of files that should be exported in native format.  This can be done either by giving the option to export file type groups native (i.e. a checkbox for "Spreadsheets", a checkbox for "Audio Files", etc.) or by selecting specific extensions from a list for native production (i.e. checkboxes for each extension in the corpus as well as those items with no extension).  If the latter is pursued, the ability to import a list of extensions would be helpful as well.

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Selectively producing files in either native or image format is accomplished using Production folders.  At a high level, the process is:

Define set of documents targeted for production (via search, foldering, etc.)

Create a production folder with the desired options - here is where you determine which file types are exported in natve vs. imaged format

Add the defined production set to the production folder

"Lock" the folder -- this will image any files that do not yet have images, and apply any image overlays, as defined in the production folder, to those images

Use the "Production" tab on the export dialog to manage the export options.

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At present Clearwell's production export has checkboxes for "Include images" and "Include native files".  Selecting "Include native files" exports of all file types, however producing natives for all file types is not required for every production spec. 

For example: a production spec in one of my cases requires only that spreadsheet documents, PowerPoint presentations be provided in both image and native format, and that file types that are not "image-friendly" (ie. audio and video files) be provided in native format with a placeholder.  Choosing to "Include native files" exports all file types --including .doc, .docx, .msg, .pdf (etc.), which I don't need exported in native format -- as well as the required filetypes (.xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .wmv etc.).  Consequently, I would then have to go through and remove from both the production deliverable and the load file all native files that are not demanded by the spec.  My current workaround in the case above is to export 3 production sets per volume: 1 image-only set, 1 set for just PowerPoint & Spreadsheets, and one set for "Placeholders".  This means I have to do 3x the work to get what I need.

I'm requesting a production export feature that will allow the user to select specific file types or specfic file type groups to export with images rather than the current option of exporting all native files & images OR no native files with images.  We use IPRO's eCapture for some of our work, and that program allows this kind of customization in exports.  Please let me know if you'd like to see their implementation to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

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Ah, understood.  I don't have a ton of experience with eCapture, but did a ton of work with LAW in a past life, and the principles are the same.  To summarize (as this is a public forum that is also monitored by product management):

  • File types need file-type specific treatment, set per file type (as opposed to being set at the production level)
  • For each file type, treatment levels would be:
  1. Native
  2. Image
  3. Both
  • Ideally, for the image options, there could also be an option for page limits (e.g. to satisfy DOJ Antitrust's infamous spreadsheet requirements)

Some questions:

  • Is the above accurate?
  • What naming options do you think would help?  For example, if I am exporting a "mixed mode" production set, how do I want the documents numbered?  Do I want "mixed treatment" -- so imaged docs are numbered per page while natives are numbered as single entities?  What about the documents for which I am exporting both imaged and native copies?


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Under review


Bashyam Anant

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