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Ability to merge or group participants together

Created: 12 Nov 2013
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We would like the capability to merge or group participants together.  Often in a case there are multiple email addresses for a custodian, this might include their external/personal email addresses or because they have moved business units over time. At present the reviewer conducting a search where the participant picker is used must remember to include a consistent list for the custodian. This step is highley prone to error, particulary in case involving external consul located in different sites.  As an example:

Custodian Participant Email Addresses
Fred Bloggs

In this example it is easy for the reviewer to 'miss' the 'mrbloggs' or 'bloggsf' addresses from their search as these are unexpected names.  Ideally we would like to be able to 'group' or 'merge' all of the participiant email addresses to that a reviewer would simply need to select the custodian name in the search box. 

Whilst email addresses are at times difficult to identify we would expect this to be a manual process, part of a case conference with consul where the email addresses for a custodian are agreed and then defined.  This would ensure much greater consistancy and reduce option for errors/missing key data.