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Support for Ubuntu 9.1 in the Backup Exec 2010 Linux Remote Agent

Created: 28 Apr 2010 • Updated: 28 May 2010 | 5 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

I have an Ubuntu 9.1 server that I would like to have backed up and Backup Exec's Linux Agent currently won't work on it.  I would like it to.

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Thanks for the suggestion and apologies for the delayed response. We are looking into Ubuntu 9.1 support now. Are there any other features or file systems that we need to add support for when updating our Linux Agent for Ubuntu 9.1?

We are considering some of these items. Are any of these more or less important to you for your Ubuntu servers?

  1. Open file snapshot backups
  2. Source-side/Client-side data deduplication 
  3. Complete bare metal recovery of the system
  4. Block-level incremental backups
  5. Archiving support of old data
  6. Replication/continuous protection

Let us know if any of these other items matter to you and if you have any order of preference. No promises on what we can implement, but we will do the best we can based on your feedback.



Peter Imming
Product Manager, Backup Exec

Peter Imming, Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup, Symantec

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Since Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has come out would it be posible to support this OS?

At our workplace we have four servers, three are windows server 2003 and one has ubuntu server 10.04. One of the windows servers hosts BackupExec 2010 Server and is connected to a SAS LTO4 Tape Drive. The other two windows servers have the remote agent for backing up file shares, the hard drives, shadow copy data and exchange data stores. Our linux box hosts some internal web applications but can't be backed up through backupexec using a remote agent (as I couldn't get the remote agent working on ubuntu 10.04 and it isn't supported yet).

I think the most important things to backup (and to advertise to BackupExec Server 2010) would be any samba shares, mysql databases, the root filesystem and any open files.....this would then get the system up to scratch to be at a similar level to the windows remote agent.

Since this isn't our main server we only need the 'essentials' implemented to backup the server, but I know others who use the server as their main box would probably find CDP, server imaging (linux has some commands for this built in) and recovery very useful.


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Check out the information posted by Magix here:

I've successfully installed the remote agent on Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64 following the posts on that thread--it's very straight-forward, but you'll still need to install libstd++5 from the repositories, or the agent won't start (the installation will do a version check and continue, however). For databases, you might find a solution in automating a MySQL backup script, then let BackupExec capture those files as part of its tape backup. That's worked for me.

This doesn't solve the official support issue, but it should get your backups running. Cheers!


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Dear Peter,

To answer your question, I think the most important for RALUS are :

  1. Complete bare metal recovery of the system (because the aim of backing up is RESTORE, and generally emergency)
  2. Replication/continuous protection (For better protection)

The next ones could be nice but not mandatory :

  1. Open file snapshot backups (it's not really a problem not to have it but it could improve)
  2. Archiving support of old data

And the last ones less important

  1. Source-side/Client-side data deduplication 
  2. Block-level incremental backups


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