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Make available NetBackup Release Updates as new base install of that release.

Created: 16 Jul 2009 • Updated: 20 Oct 2010 | 2 comments
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Status: In Review

Make available each Release Update of NetBackup binaries, agents etc as a new base install. Rather than the 2 step

1. GA install + options
2. Release Update + options

This will help when deploying Servers and Clients as new installations particularly in a large environment. Save time. Diskspace. Bandwidth. etc

This was recently available only for 64 bit Windows Server OS with NetBackup 6.5.4

Based on the size of recent Release Updates they seem the equivalent of a GA release
- Unix NB_CLT pack is nearly 1GB in size!

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Instead of making each one of them a new full-sized release, for those that do not have the bandwidth to download them in a reasonable amount of time, how about a patcher that would build a new install using the patched files?  All the notes and pack data would be included and let each customer build to their own unique requirements.

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100% agree, deployment process is really annoying, and update is the same.

We used HP Data Protector, in the client tabs, you can list all the clients (which is not the case with NBU, you only see the one included in a policy and not everywhere).

From this list, you can select packages like native plugins (SQL, Exchange, ...) to add, you can ask for a compliance test (does it need an update), and of course you can start an update.

Each time a new update or bug fix is released, you just need to install it on the installation server (you can spread package repositories everywhere). Then from GUI, you can install/scan/patch clients.

No worries about hardware type, or server settings, or firewall things : it is just 3 clicks away.

And you don't need to make 300MB per pack flying on the network.


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