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FTP functionality in BESR 2010 is really outdated !

Created: 30 Jan 2010 • Updated: 02 Feb 2010 | 2 comments
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In BESR, remote file copy almost only proposes FTP.

FTP is an non-secure protocol, so why not include (easy to do, all web/file copy programs are doing it) :

  • SCP (Secure Copy)
  • SFTP (Secure FTP)

Well it would be really necessary nowadays to provide such secure remote file copy protocols.

Here I know lots of providers that stop providing unsecure FTP for security reasons, therefore I'm surprised that the #1 security company only provides insecure FTP ;-)

Hope it helps !

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Use puTTY to get BESR 2010 to do sftp.  Install puTTY & configure it to connect to your FTP server with a normal ssh user login - you must have an account on the server.

In puTTY under Category:Connection:SSH:Tunnels enter source port 21 and destination  Click Add and save the session. 

Now login to the FTP server in puTTY.   To verify the FTP tunnel works, in Windows go to cmd.exe and enter ftp.  Inside the Windows ftp client type "open".  You should see the FTP banner from your server and get a login prompt.  Login (with what ever credentials are required) and type in some FTP commands to maneuver arount - ls, cd, get, put, etc.  Type quit to exit the Windows ftp client.

Now setup your remote copy in BESR to use a destination of  ftp://127.0.01/somedirectory/.  As long as puTTY stays connected your BESR job will be able to sftp into the server. 

On the FTP server side its a good idea to block port 21 with a firewall unless you want an open FTP server.  If you want to secure it so Only sftp works, just block port 21 at the firewall - the puTTY tunnel will still work because port 21 is connected to from inside the server itself under ssh.

The downside of this is some service account needs to be logged in on the Windows server all the time and a puTTY session needs to be running whenever BESR tries to do its off site copy.

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Dear Foster,

Yes that's a very possible, smart and "easy" (once you did it once, it becomes easy) solution, you're right !

But I really hope that secure remote copy protocols will be directly added into BESR 2010 :-)


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