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Configuring VOM for helpful status messages?

Created: 22 Nov 2010 • Updated: 07 Jan 2011 | 1 comment
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I came in this morning and fired up my VOM web interface, to be greeted by a slew of happy green bars. I went about my morning routine until I got an email from a user asking if EV was down again.

I checked VOM, still green. I was about to respond to the user that all was good, then thought better of it and checked my server's VCS Java console. Lo and behold, I had 2 servers with service groups completely offline.

Apparently, there was a reboot that took place over the weekend and those 2 nodes didn't auto-restart. However, since nothing had faulted, VOM reported nothing out of the ordinary.

All this background to ask if there's a way to get VOM to report when a service group that is expected to be online isn't? I have the ability to check the Java console (even though I shouldn't have to), but once I turn over monitoring to the Help Desk, I can't have them checking 2 or 3 places for a true status.


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VOM reports the VCS status: offline, faulted, online, etc. If the user performed a gracefully service group offline, in order to perform maintenance and forgot to online it later or, as in your case, the server didn't reboot, for VCS this is not a fault. Therefore there is no way in VOM to tell you that something offline should be online and the faults dashboard will keep everything green.

However, you don't need to rely on the Java console to manually check if something is offline. You can use the service group list and filter “offline” or by service group name or use a business entity that represents your application and look the status of all service groups in the business entity>HA-DR tab.

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