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Centralized 'Exclude/Include Manager' on the Master Server, then attach list to NetBackup Clients attributes

Created: 15 Jul 2009 • Updated: 20 Oct 2010 | 2 comments
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Regular, and popular posts on the NetBackup forums ask how to manage exclude/include lists for NetBackup Clients.

The answer is you manage the list on the client itself, as this is where it is stored, not from a centralized manager.

Windows stores its excludes/includes in the registry
*nix stores them in text files under <install_path>/openv/netbackup/ with relative names to the backup policies and schedules
So this list is local to the client.

Since 6.5.3 NetBackup has improved in this manner and introduced a method to centrally manage lists on clients - from the command line.

DOCUMENTATION: A method for centrally managing exclude and include list for UNIX and Linux clients under NetBackup 6.5.3.

How about adding a Exclude/Include Manager, say even as a plugin to the GUI. I'm thinking along the lines of the VMware VI Client and its plugin architecture, and with that in mind the Update Manager and how you attach baselines to objects, where in this case it would be a Exclude/Include list to a client or multiple clients.

Create a new List, give it a name and a description. Add the exclude and include entries. These are stored on the Master.

Then in Master Servers' Host Properties Client Attributes attach one or several Exclude/Include lists to that client.

When its time for a backup of that client the attributes (lists) are applied to the backup work job on the client.

This could remove the fustration with long wait times for multiple selected clients Host Properties being gathered together and returned.
Also, sometimes you might decommission a Windows 2000 server say, and migrate the applications to a brand new Windows 2008 server. You forgot to take a note of the exclude list on the old server.!
Or similarly, you decide to completely uninstall NetBackup Client 5.x software (Windows) and perform a brand new install from 6.5GA software...... damn you just forgot to note the exclude list on the client.

Exclude lists are personal to each client, but can moreover than not be common amongst several clients, and can grow over time as you add paths and files, as you come across them from backup error reports (of course only adding once you have spoke with the application/file/data owner)

There are methods as seen above, and scripted ways to manually capture the exclude/include lists but an integrated centralized managed way would be preferred.

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If you're going to go that far though, then I want to see global exclusion lists that you can apply on a specific OS basis. i.e. All Windows servers exclude perf files, etc too. =) 

Then you could also have secondary filter sets you could apply as-needed, such as standard Oracle or SQL exclusions, fileserver quarantine folders, whatever.

And of course, one simple-to-understand window that lists all the exclusions applied to a given client.

- "Your backups are only as good as your restores."

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It would also be nice to have a "canned" list of excludes on a per plaform basis.  I know on Linux that /proc and /sys are standard excludes due to being system level dymanic directories.  

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