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Backing up to a DSU through an SLP

Created: 28 Mar 2010 | 3 comments
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Hello NetBackup Guru's

I have found a problem with Storage Lifecycle Policies in NetBackup that needs adressing.

We have recently started backing up our production site to a DataDomain device with OST, and then replicating all images to a second DataDomain device at our DR site. Besides some teething problems, all is running relatively smoothly.

We have approximately 30 remote sites. Before the change to DataDomain, we used to back them all up to a DSSU, and then stage them off to tape with high/low water marks. We did this because of the nature of slow WAN links and the remote backups in some cases would take all weekend.

NOW we would like to back the remote sites up through a Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) to a DSU, and then replicate the images through the SLP to the 2 DataDomain devices.

But we can't! NetBackup does not allow a backup to a DSU through a SLP.

There doesn't appear to be any other solution without going to a new technology like PureDisk which currently is not an option for us. For example...

  • We can back up to a DSSU and then stage to the DataDomain device. But this does not allow us to replicate the images to the second device at our DR site
  • We can back up to a DSSU and then create multiple copies when staging, but the media servers at our production site do not have permission to write to the DataDomain device at our DR site so the second duplication fails. If the media servers did have this permission, they would start handling backup jobs at the DR site across the WAN which we obviously don't want.
  • We could use a Vault job to duplicate images from a DSU, but the same problem as the last point remains where the prod media servers do not have permission to write to the DataDomain device at our DR site
  • We can back the remote sites up to the DataDomain device through an SLP, but due to the nature of the remote backups being so slow, they block  up the connections to the DataDomain device for too long and blow out our backup window.

NetBackup Gods... can we please back up to a DSU through an SLP?

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do you have any update on this issue.  I am having a similar situation.  I am backing up to DataDomain using SLP.  I am troubleshooting some issues with our Exchange Backups with GRT, and I would like to use and SLP to backup to the DSU then duplicate to the Data Domain.  Just wondering if you found a way to use an SLP with a DSU.


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Yes I have an update. We are backing up all of these client to the DSSU, and then staging off to the DataDomain device. We have a monthly Vault job that duplicates all images to tape to off site. This unfortunately leaves us with only one copy of the data at all times.

I have thought of a solution I have not yet implemented though. I am confiident this should work.

Create a Vault job that runs once a day to duplicate any data backed up by the policy that does our remote site backups to the second DataDomain device.

From what you are saying though, you want to back up to a DSU and then duplicate to DataDomain. You could do either of the following...

 - Back up to a DSSU and stage to DataDomain
 - Back up to a DSU and use a Vault job to duplicate to DataDomain.

Update me and let me know how you go.

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Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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