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Allow the use of removable media

Created: 15 Apr 2010 | 3 comments
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BESR 2010 does not handle removable media such as USB or removable SATA drives in a usable manner. Workarounds to share the destination folder and perform the backup to a UNC share do not work reliably and are prone to errors. We have managed to overcome these to a degree by using a junction point to the removable drives but it this is a fudge for doing what should be a simple job.

The problem lies in the fact that BESR treats each removable disk as a separate backup destination, if a different disk is used for each day of the week this would require separate jobs for each day as you can only select one destination for a job. If the backup disk is not changed because of holidays or human error the backup job would not run thus putting the customer at risk. It is also overly complicated.

I would like the ability to be able to specify a backup destination by path or preferably allow multiple destinations to be selected for use within a single job.

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I totally agree that 2 off site copy destinations is not enough. Who has only 2 disks in a backup rotation system? Please please modify this immediately Symantec; Just imagine selling an old-style copy of Backup Exec that is limited to use with 2 tapes only! You wouldn't still be in the market today! So the same applies to BESR!!

When I suggested that 2 disks was not a very safe backup rotation to someone at Symantec support, he laughed at me and said "Why would allowing more than 2 disks be more safe? If the two disks in a set ended up being faulty, then applying that logic, even 100 disks could be faulty in a row. That is the way the product is designed, so too bad"... I couldn't believe my ears...

Either allow 10 or so off-site destinations, or alternatively, allow the offsite backup to a PATH rather than a DISK...


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I came across this today too.  I don't understand why they don't just allow for the creation of disk devices and media sets like Backup Exec allows and then in BESR we could just simply point to these resources, in my case external USB drives that are swapped out weekly for a monthly rotation.  This way BESR would guarantee I am not overwriting valid data if the end user didn't swap out the USB drive or if a holiday cycle caused the disk rotation to be skipped.  I am now having to augment this whole process manually to reset weekly my offsite location so it will copy correctly.

While I am at it, I understand too that what ever retention policy you have set for the static drive location will be groomed by BESR, but the offsite disks never will once again leaving a manual process.  Come on guys this is the 21st century how about some logic that we are simply trying to create mirror copies of local and offsite disks with simple retention and mirroring.  It shouldn't be so complex and require so much manual time.  As a partner that works with many small to mid size locations rarely is there onsite staff to handle this and even as a consultant, who has time to babysit these types of procedures.

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I would say improve the use of Removable media would be a better title. BESR seems to only use the drive letter to identify a volume. If you plug in your mobile to charge before the backup disk is ready, BESRs poor volume name recognition can end up with backup parts being put on your mobile phone.

Having a backup prog punt copies of data on any old removable media even when the required sub-folders are missing is rather painful.

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