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add/modify/delete access to Secondary Virtual Vault

Created: 09 Nov 2010 | 2 comments
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I have a few clients the would like to have the ability to Add/Modify/Delete emails via a secondary Virtual Vault.  Currently secondary VV's are read-only which sucks, as the alternative is to have an Exchange mailbox, which they would have to have added to their Outlook profile so they can drag messages into it, then wait for the next archiving run for the items to be ingested (assume and zero-day-Archive-All policy) and then wait up to 24 hours hours for VV to resync.  I'll be telling the customer about the registry setting to change that default 24 hour to 2 or 4 hours to speed things up somewhat.

Anyway, for each "Project" mailbox, they would have two addition items in the outlook display, the Mailbox and the Virtual Vault.  They really would like to skip a few step and add directly to the VV, and click the button to sync.

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I have numerous users who need this feature, primarily manager/secretary roles.

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Totally agree, this really needs to change.

The other issue, which I will be logging now, is that secondary VV's that exist in another EV directory are not accessible.  So, if I have geographically dispersed users in London and New York with seperate directories, they cannot view eachother's VV's.  The only way to do this is with shortcuts.  Looks to me like shortcuts are the best option overall for shared mailboxes.

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