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Add option to BEMCMD to scan a tape library

Created: 13 Apr 2010 | 7 comments
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Currently, BEMCMD can only inventory a tape library.  When barcode labels are used, it is far more efficient to scan the library, instead of using inventory.

Please include an option for BEMCMD so that we can start a scan from the commandline.

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i could link to threads from 4 or 5 years ago on this topic.


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whould be a huge help
n advance
thanks i

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Not only Bemcmd should have the possibility to ran scan but it shuld be possible to schedule scan from the GUI. 

Tape libraries have barcode readers for many years. Hello Symantec - do you sleep? Or should we buy another backup software?

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Scheduling this from the GUI would be great. To also be able to automate a "Inventory" on all "unknown Media" after.

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That should be the first thing the backup job does - scan the slots!!! 

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Completely agree with the need for a command line or scheduling option to scan the robotic library before a job. Kind of amazed it's not already there considering the age of this issue.

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This can be done via BEMCLI. Save the following as C:\Tasks\ScanSlots.ps1 (obviously change QUANTUM 0001 to the name of your device)

Import-Module BEMCLI
Get-BERoboticLibraryDevice "QUANTUM 0001" | Submit-BEScanJob

Then setup a scheduled task with the program set to "powershell" and the following arguments:

-Command "C:\Tasks\ScanSlots.ps1" -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

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