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Announcing SAMG Customer Forum  2012 to be held on 14th-15th March 2012 at Mountain View.

We request you to Register here to get into the priority list for this invite only event.

We welcome you to review the Agenda and Session Details.

Invites to the event will be short-listed from the registration list.

You are a long term user of our Storage Foundation and High Availability products. You know more than anyone how your datacenter in changing and your workload is increasing. As an engineer, you are driven towards finding best practices and solutions that help you be more efficient and productive in the face of resource and budget constraints.  You are not alone in this. Most of your peers are facing similar challenges.

Our engineers, who developed the Storage Foundation and High Availability products, are constantly thinking about and working on features that will help you improve your productivity. To this end, we are offering the Storage Foundation and High Availability Customer Forum, a learning event by the engineers for the engineers.

  • Learn and share best practices from your peers in the industry and build a long lasting support network in the process
  • Become a Power User by significantly increasing your  troubleshooting and diagnostic skills as well as your product knowledge
  • Engage with the engineers who architected and wrote the code for the products

Join your peers and our engineers for two days of learning and knowledge sharing. The event features highly technical sessions tohelp you get more out of your days.

The Customer Forum will be held in Mountain View, CA on March 14th and 15th. This event is by invitation-only and requires pre-registration. Capacity is limited , so please fill-out the form early to be on the priority list.

Register today at and learn more about agenda and session details.

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