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How to upgrade from BE 12.5 to BE 2012

Created: 19 Apr 2012 • Updated: 22 Apr 2012 | 2 comments
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I'd Like to ask about the How to and the best practice for upgrading Backup Exec 12.5 to Backup Exec 2012 with the Following :

- Remain all Jobs and Histories

- Remain all media sets

- Remain Catalogs Folder

- Remain all licnses Keys installed on the BE 12.5 Such as :(MS Exchange - Active Directory - Desktop and Labtop Option)

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When you upgrade from 12.5 to BE 2012

- Remain all Jobs and Histories----Yes they will remain

But please keep in mind as from previous version 2012 is different as it server centric approach & not resource centric approcal you will see all you job & job history shown under particular server now as before you use to see it under job monitor so you will no longer have that view

About your policy if you have those would be configured into single stage job as there are no policy in 2012

- Remain all media sets

About your meidia set there are no media set in BE 2012 aprt from default one which you can configure from job default either for tape or disk

- Remain Catalogs Folder

Yes catalog folder would be migrated


- Remain all licnses Keys installed on the BE 12.5 Such as :(MS Exchange - Active Directory - Desktop and Labtop Option)

Also about license key from BE 2012 , license would be as SLF file which was not there in previous version so you should have received upgrade notification email from symantec licensing with SLF key if not please contact symantec licensing on 18003272232

About DLO from BE 2012 DLO is seprate product and called DLO 7 so you will have to upgrade DLO first & then backupexec please refer



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DLO is not a part of BE 2012.  It is now a separate product, DLO7. If you are running DLO, you would have to upgrade your DLO to DLO 7 first before upgrading BE.

These documents will tell you how the upgrade will change your jobs, etc.

Before you upgrade to BE 2012, you should test it thoroughly first.  There are big changes in BE 2012.

Your BE 12.5 licences will not work with BE 2012.  You would have to get new licences for BE 2012.  If you are on a current maintenance contract, the upgrade is free.