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Storage Foundation & HA - Beta Made Easy

Created: 26 Jun 2013 • Updated: 10 Jul 2013
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Symantec Office Frankfurt - Herriotstrasse 1, 60528 Frankfurt
Wed, 04 September, 2013 - 9:30 CEST - Thu, 05 September, 2013 - 9:30 CEST


The new 6.1 beta program from Symantec allows you to gain early experience and gain direct access to specialist support to make this the easiest and most rewarding beta we have ever delivered. You may utilise Symantec hosted hardware via the cloud, attend a Symantec workshop, or choose a more traditional installation on your own platform. With so many options, and assisted install & configuration options from our specialist team, this is an excellent opportunity for you to gain some real world experience with our forthcoming release.


SFHA 6.1 is focused on I/O Optimization, reduction of infrastructure, and unparalleled availability of mission critical applications while allowing customers to take advantage of new and continuing trends in the Data Centre.

The new release allows our customers to utilize Flash devices to improve application performance while reducing requirements for Tier-1 storage.  The flash devices, or any other direct attached storage devices can also be configured into shared nothing configuration under Cluster File System.  A shared direct attached storage environment maintains the high availability of data and applications, without the need for shared storage. Thus reducing both CAPEX and OPEX associated with for example distributed applications.

In addition the solution will utilise machine heuristics to automate the decision making in the case of a fail over. Making multiple site management easier and consistent across applications.


Existing customers may participate in the program in a  number of ways.

All we ask is that regardless of the testing mechanism you choose, we agree a date and contact person from whom we can collect your feedback.

The Beta Program Begins in June 21st, and will end September 21st

The Beta program offerings are as follows:

·         On-Site Open Beta Register, and simply download the code to your own environment. Upon request we can even make an specialist available to you to guide you through some of the install and configuration process.

·         On-Site Via Symantec Cloud: A pre-configured hardware environment you may access through the internet. Again a specialist can be made available to you to help you during your testing process.

·         Off-Site Workshop: (Subject to availability) this will be a 1-2 day regional event, hosted at a Symantec site.

        Stockholm               26-27th Aug

        Reading (UK)            29-30th Aug    

      Frankfurt               4-5th Sept

      Paris                   16-17th Sept   

        Rome                    19-20th Sept

        Madrid          23-24th Sept


It’s SIMPLE! You may register in the program via the Symbeta website.

When enrolling you will have the opportunity to request specialist resources, as well as agree a date and time when we can contact you to gather your feedback.