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Script to Refresh CommandCentral Storage Managed Hosts (v5.x) Explorer in Bulk

Created: 02 Aug 2011 • Updated: 20 Sep 2012
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Script to refresh CommandCentral Storage Managed Hosts Explorers in bulk from Command Central Storage Management Server

What is the need?

   - In few instances, we have seen that 5.x Command Central Storage Managed Hosts Explorers have been discovered information correctly but somehow CommandCentral Storage database did not get updated with latest information discovered by Managed Hosts Explorers. In this situation we need to refresh Explorers at Managed Hosts.

How to identify if you need Managed Hosts Explorer refresh?

   - Look at the Explorers objects.xml. If you see that objects.xml has correct information but CC Storage Console is not showing this.

  - You can also upload xmls on your lab MS to check the same.

When to use script?

   - Use the script if there are many Managed Hosts Explorers showing problem. In case of fewer Managed Hosts, you can refresh Explorers manually.

  - One the issue is resolved, DO NOT use the script to refresh explorers. Refreshing explorers operation sends full dump to database so it can cause slow down to your Command Central Storage MS.

How to run the script?

   1. Download and save script on your Management Server (File is attached with this article).

   2. Rename file from to

   3. Open the script in notepad and set below two values

       - $explorer_type -- Type of the Explorer which you want to refresh on Managed Hosts
       - $ENV              -- ENV path. In example below path to HAL\bin dir is set to defalut path. Chenge the ENV path according to your setup.

             e.g. my $explorer_type = "StorageExplorer"

                   $ENV{PATH}='%PATH%;C:\\Program Files\\VERITAS\\CommandCentral Storage\\HAL\\bin';

   4. Create a file hostnames.txt and write down the Managed Hosts names on which you wish to refresh explorers.

   5. Execute the script as below (Use perl which comes under HAL\bin dir)

       Default path to HAL\bin dir is "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\HAL\bin"

       e.g. <path to HAL\bin dir>\perl

   6. Script output will be generated in Explorer_refresh_log.txt file. Open the file to see how many Explorers refreshed successfully and how many not.

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